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Why is my water cloudy? If your setting up a new tank, add plants and one fish to start the tank cycle, in a couple of weeks, your water should be fine. If it remains cloudy, change 20% of the water and stop feeding your fish for three days.

How do I get rid of the ugly brown algae? Your tank needs more light. If you haven't changed the fluorescent bulb for a long time, you should, it loses its effectiveness after six months.

How do I get rid of pea-green algae? Cut down on the fish food. Add live plants to compete with the algae for water nutrients. Cut down on the amount of sunshine the tank is getting.

I have had a Jewel fish tank for 3 years with no problem until 6 months ago. I change the filters as per the manufacturers instructions, have not changed the food I use or added any new fish (my fish are between 4-14 years old) but I am finding that 3 days after I have cleaned the tank the water is like a pea soup fog this is getting really hard work and I have no idea as to what is going
kris <>
northampton, England - Sat, October 5, 2002

The drastic method is this - cover the tank with large towels so that no light can get in. Leave it for 3 to 4 days and do not feed your fish over this time. Remove the towels and do a 20% water change. This usually kills off all the pea soup algae. <>>><

I can't seem to get rid of my algae problem in my 5 gallon tank....any ideas?
Brandi <>
Lubbock, Tx USA - Sat, October 5, 2002

1) Get some live plants if you don't have any 2) Feed your fish less 3) Try drastic method above. <>>><


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