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i do like zebra plecos. They are very hard to get. can you give me a list of Tropical Fish Stores who sells these pretty Plecos?
Sigi <>
Orlando, Fl USA - Wed, January 2, 2002

You can try these sites...can't guarantee any of I haven't purchased anything online from them. <>>><

I have a question do fry grow faster in a big tank compared to a smaller one my bio teacher said that but i don't know if its true can ya help me out??????
Scott <>
Batavia, NY USA - Tue, January 15, 2002

YES! <>>><

Hi, can you suggest so fish for me? I hve a 10 gallon tank, & have 2 clearglass fish, 1 golden aglea eater, & 1 albino cory catfish. I don't want any Mollies, or any Tetras, not in this tank anyway. Pleas help me out thank you.
Oh4forlife <>
Houston, Tx USA - Sun, January 20, 2002

The real trick here is to find something that the golden algae eater won't bother. You have the bottom of the tank covered with the cory. How about a hatchet fish? This fish is unusual in shape, silvery in color and hangs out at the top of the water. Another possibility is white clouds which are not tetras but small chinese minnows. If you get white clouds, be sure to get at least three as they are schooling fish and unhappy and shy by themselves.

I have a 20 gallon tank with about 8 platties that have nearly destroyed my live plants (hygro and wisteria). Are there any types of common plants (i.e. easy to find at most pet stores) that will survive? I was wondering if broad leaved plants might fair better. I really prefer live plants over plastic ones.
Lin <>
Waterloo, ON Canada - Sun, January 20, 2002

Try some amazon sword plants and feeding your platies some boiled lettuce. <>>><

My boyfriend bought a bristle nose pleco a few days ago. the first two days, the fish seemed fine, looking healthily plump, and almost cleaning all the algae off the back of the 55 gallon tank. then while we were watching it on the third day, all of a sudden it violently jerked its body forward, and died. we noticed that her body had turned very red under the skin, as if she had hemorhaged. no signs of cuts or sores or any other problem. what could have caused this?
USA - Mon, January 28, 2002

It sounds like Enteric Septicemia. A bacterial disease of catfish. Bacteria is ingested. Very high mortality and in some cases, very few symptoms. Be sure to disinfect the tank before introducing any other catfish! <>>><

hi~ over xmas holidays ,walmart had a bubblegum fishtank,and dumb me didnt buy one. Now they do not have these in stock. I have came across a bubble gum machine.. and before i buy this ,i want to know how i can turn this into a fishtank? Is this possible? Thanks jessica
jessicam21 <>
mcewen, tn USA - Wed, January 30, 2002

I wouldn't recommend trying to covert a bubble gum machine. 1. There may be unknown toxins in the paint or metals, 2. The complications of filtration and cleaning. Perhaps, you can find a novelty/unusual fish tank store on the web. <>>><

I have a 10 gallon tank. I am new to this whole fish tank thing. We have had the tank set up for about 4 monthes and now the Ph seems to be dropping. I have read not to do anything about until it gets really bad. however, our tank got so acidic that we had to put Ph increaser in it. Now all of our fish are dying i have no idea how to get the tank back to a good Ph. Help.
Denver, CO USA - Thu, January 31, 2002

You need to be careful when changing water chemistry. Consider changing 1/4 of the water in the tank for the next few days. Hopefully, that will settle out the tank. Be sure to use declorinator and water that is within 5 degrees of the same temperature that is in the tank already. Good tank maintenance requires water changes between 10 to 20% of the total tank water on a regular basis. Small tanks require more frequent water changes--once a week or every two weeks, rather than once a month.

Hi On Sat., Jan. 26 I bought some was pregnant and had fry Sun. many days,weeks, months,etc. will I have to wait to put them in the tank with the other fish? I have a ten gal. tank w/out lot of plants and I have a silver molly (m), black molly (f),orange? molly (the proud mom)mickey mouse molly(f)and a marble molly(m). I have the fry in a small fishbowl right now and I know they will outgrow that soon....they are less than 1/4 in. long and can hide(and get stuck) under the large gravel...HELP!! Also, the mom looks that normal? I AM treating them for ick, but all the other fish seem fine. Thanks for your help.
co USA - Thu, January 31, 2002

Your fry will need at least a month to grow. You can move them into a bucket when they get bigger. Mom Mollie certainly should be sluggish after that ordeal :)

Hi Me does ick medicine affect fry?
co USA - Thu, January 31, 2002

I wouldn't advise treating fry for ick. If you insist on treating them, add a little bit of non-iodized salt. Mollies do well with a little salt in their water. (1 tsp for gallon).

Hi Me AGAIN :) My friend said not to put any fish in the same tank with goldfish because their "toxic waste" will kill this true?
co USA - Thu, January 31, 2002

Goldfish do create a lot of waste and shouldn't be mixed with tropical fish. Goldfish are actually a cold water fish and thrive under cooler temperatures. You have to be sure to keep the tank clean if you're going to mix fish.

Do minature Catfish eats smaller aquarium fish?
Blueeagle17 <>
Clover, SC USA - Thu, January 31, 2002

Plecos and other catfish have been known to prey on smaller fish,especially at night when some fish sleep on the bottom of the tank.

Hi I saw my mollies breed today, and I have a few questions....What is the gestation period for mollies? When should I put the pregnant mom in a net? The last time my mollies had fry...I wasn't expecting them so soon and had to catch them in a net.....needless to say, they hid under the rocks, got stuck, and some I have 19 istead of 25 or 30. I don't want to lose any this time...I'm hoping to sell them to a pet shop. How many fry do mollies usually have? If left with the fry, but well-fed,will the mom eat them? I know the other fish will, but I don't know about the mom. Also, is it normal for a mom to die after having fry? I read the post about bettas, but I don't think that applies to livebearers. :)Thank you so much for your help!
co USA - Fri, February 1, 2002

Whew -- It's difficult to say, when mollies are going to produce young, because they can give birth months and months after the initial fertilization. I wouldn't have high hopes about selling the young to a pet shop. Mollies breed easily and I'm sure most pet shops have plenty of breeding pairs. Just enjoy the challenge of raising the fry. Mom mollies generally don't eat their young, watch out for Dad though! <>>><

We just got a 10 gal tank, 6 goldfish and 1 plecostomas (my son calls a "sucky fish" and was his idea). Anyway, do I have to give the pleco special food or would he get enough from the waste of the six goldfish? I don't have any live plants in the tank. Like many others, we're new to all this and just don't want to mess up! Thanks a lot!!!
Eupora, MS USA - Fri, February 1, 2002

If you're feeding the goldfish the special food that comes in little hard pellets, you may want to pick up a can of the flake food for the pleco. If you're feeding the goldfish flake food, there is no problem at all. Just be sure to stir some of the food into the tank so it drifts to the bottom. Give enough food for the fish to feed for three minutes twice a day. Goldfish eat a lot. Happy fishing <>>>><

I have recently set up a 55 gallon tank, with fake plants and log. The only temperature that i can get it to stay at is around 70-74 with a PH of 7.2, I have tried to get it to where i can put tropical fish in it but failed. I would like decently big fish (for the size of the tank that is), i have put in a dozen feeder fish (due to the temp and ph level) to build up the atmosphere. What type of fish would you suggest?
Adam <>
Salem, VA USA - Sat, February 2, 2002

Gouramis, Bala Sharks, Red tail sharks, loaches are all reasonably hardy fish that will do well in a 55 gallon. If you like Cichlids, they also will do well in a 55 gallon. Most folks would love to have your problem. I have a 40 gallon and 35 gallon tank myself. <>>>><

Hi there - I have a male Beta that we have only had for a week. Today we noticed he appears to have fin rot. I went to the fish store today and they recommended Melafix. I've started treating him right away. This has me a little worried though - maybe Betas aren't as tough as I've heard they are... Is there anything else I can do to take care of him? We have him in a 5 gallon tank, with a filter, and keep the water at 80 degrees. How often should we change the water and how much at a time? Do we need a PH kit? Are there any other things that we should be checking for? We really want to take good care of him.
Terry <>
Halifax, NS Canada - Sun, February 3, 2002

It sounds like you're giving your beta good care. If you like, you can get him some tiny live food and add a little bit of salt to his water. You don't really need a PH kit, you'll change 1/4 of the water every couple of weeks and that will be fine. Most betas do not get as good a home as you are giving yours. Hope he get's better.

We have had a pleco for about 10 years and he/she was about 5 when a friend gave him/her to us, so Pleco is about 15. I was curious about their lifespan as well (read the post you answered 15 to 20 years), as this fish has outlived so many other fish over the years. I was going to dismantle the tank after all the fish were gone (i.e just not replacing as they aged and died), but when it got down to just the pleco and one bloodfin tetra, I restocked with a bunch of neons and am enjoying the tank all over again. Pleco is really looking ancient, but still pretty lively, considering. Neons are really cool. I just got 4 black neons and 4 blue and red ones. What other colors do they come in?
Carole Green <>
Jacksonville, FL USA - Sun, February 3, 2002

Glad you're enjoying the hobby and have such a happy Pleco. Neons basically come in the colors you described. Perhaps the breeders have created something new and radioactive in the past few years :) I remember when they injected glass fish with colors of the rainbow. Neons/cardinals are very pretty because of the iridescence in their coloration. Add the fact that they school and your tank becomes a fairyland. <>>><

hi, i am sorta new to all this fish stuff, and would like to know why the water gets cloudy. i don't have small children who would like to stick their hands in the water and i certainly don't put mine in either. i have a male betta, four different mollies, one albino catfish and one of those really ugly algea eater/catfish. i do have a filtration system and live plants in a 10gal. tank. i forgot to mention that one of the mollies had babies and they are getting quite big. please help before i lose any of them. thank you.
annada, mo USA - Thu, February 7, 2002

New Tank Syndrome -- that's what the fish hobbyists like to call cloudy water. Sometimes if you leave it alone, it will clear up all on its own. Let the tank rest for a day or two. Stop feeding the fish. They'll survive just fine without food for a couple of days and give the tank's biofilter a chance to catch up. Once the biofilter kicks in, the water will start to clear up. If you're impatient, you can buy drops from the pet store that claim to clear up cloudy water. <>>>><

hi, im kind of new in this fish hobby so i need help with my 29 gal.tank i have the tank set up for 3 month now and my ph was at 7.0 always now all of the sudden my ph is at 6.4 am i doing something wrong? i change about 20% of the water every week am i changing the water too much? and i have a 300 and a 150 aquaclear with 14 fish in it my bigger fish is about 3.5 inches then the rest are 1.5 to 2.5 inches. can you please help me. thank you
newark, nj USA - Fri, February 8, 2002

20% of a 29 gallon tank is overdoing it a bit. I'd change your water twice a month rather than every week. Do you have any live plants? Plants would help equalize your PH. Do your fish look stressed? Small changes in PH usually don't harm the fish. <>>><

How can you tell if your molly is pregnant? Also, it is hanging round the bottom. Is this a bad thing or is it a part of pregnancy? Please reply, Peter Mathews.
Peter Mathews <>
Perth, WA Australia - Sat, February 16, 2002

Mollies will have a dark spot under their abdomen when they are pregnant. Many mollies come pregnant out of the supplier. When particularly gravid, the molly may get listless. <>>><

Getting ready to stock a 55 gallon tank with Orandas. What kind of algae eating fish do you recommend putting in the tank. Thinking about some otocinclus fish. Is that doable?
Al <>
USA - Sun, February 17, 2002
The algae eater otocinclus should be fine. <>>><

We have a 35gallon tank in our home with the clear catfish, Kryptopterus bicirrhis. One catfish is now getting rounder around the belly? Could this fish be pregnant? Their are also two other clear catfishes in the tank as well.
Dan Schulz <>
Rockland, On CANADA - Mon, February 18, 2002
Your catfish could be pregnant or just fat :) Put some live plants in the tank if you can for a place them to lay eggs. <>>><

I am a beginner. I have a 10 Gallon tank and all of a sudden my fish started rubbing against the decorations, I treated them for velvet dust disease and after 4 days of treatment two of my tiger barbs died and then my albino cory cat died. now my red-eyed tetras are acting funny. they are swimming in circles against the glass and chasing each other. Will i have to dismantle the tank and clean it to get the sickness out of the tank? HELP!!!
Jenn <>
NY, NY USA - Tue, February 19, 2002

It would be best to dismantle your tank. Change the gravel and plants. Treat fish separately in a sick tank. <>>><

I have 3 red-eyed tetras. I need to know what kind of other fish are compatible with these. they only seem to chase each other. i had 3 tiger barbs but all died due to velvet dust disease. I also need to know what kind of pleco would stay small enough to be in a 10-15 gallon tank for awhile. I like the clown pleco but can't seem to find anyone carrying that kind. also told by one reference that they don't grow bigger than 6". but other reference says 12". Who is right?
Jenn <>
NY, NY USA - Tue, February 19, 2002

Most plecos get large, I would suggest staying with smaller cats like corydoras since you only have a 10 gallon tank. <>>><

I just wanted to say, your page is helpful, however there is some incorrect info, or things not being addressed. ONE Goldfish requires 10-15 gallons at least because of waste and potential size. Also, you see to be encouraging people to overstock their tanks. One poster had 2 plecos and other fish in a 10 gallon. While getting more fish may be ok in her case based on water parameters, it should have been mentioned that she should expect to upgrade to a larger tank in the future.
NY USA - Tue, February 19, 2002
Beginning hobbyists often overstuff their tanks, that is true. That's why I recommend the 1/3 water change every couple of weeks to help alleviate the build up of toxins. If the tank is underpopulated, water changes need not be so frequent.
As the fish get larger, most folks take the hint and get a bigger tank <>>><

I want to breed my jewled cichlids but i cant tell witch one is a male and female can you help me please
redding, ca USA - Wed, February 20, 2002
Usually the male will brighten in coloration when it comes into mating season. Females tend to have heavier bodies.
Good luck <>>><

because of your help, all of my <expletive deleted> fish died
???, ??? ??? - Mon, February 25, 2002
The care of fish is not an exact science and sometimes the fish are already stressed out to the point of no return.
All I can say is that I am sorry. Be sure to clean the tank thoroughly with new gravel and plants before starting over.

Thanking you in advance...I know I have compatable fish and the right plants and toys (if you will) right temp, etc. However in one of my tanks the water insists on becoming "cloudy"'s actually kind of strange because it starts becoming "cloudy" on the very bottom first (like a fog) and the drifts up...the fish don't seem to be "stressed" but I am...tried everything...any suggestions or!
Matt <MattRock02>
Odenton, Mc USA - Tue, February 26, 2002

What type of filtration are you using? If you don't have an outside the tank Aquaclear style filter, I'd recommend getting one.<>>><

I have a platy that had babies.... i added and algae eater, another platy (orange and black) and a dalmation fish. All of my baby orange platy's have disappeared and now there are little black ones. My orange and black platy died and my dalmation fish died. But the original Platy is fine. How can I tell if the fish are ready to have babies?? I know nothing about this and want to breed more. Where do I find info on these fish??? Any help is appreciated.
marcy <>
Sparta, WWI USA - Wed, February 27, 2002

Some sites with info on platies:

I have a 5 and 1/2 gallon tank. I would like to know how many fish I can fit in in without them being crowed and haveing room to swim.
Phila., Pa USA - Wed, February 27, 2002

General rule of thumb is 1 inch of fish per gallon of water. <>>><

we have a 50 gallon tank which constantly has BAD algea on the walls, etc, Can anyone recommend a solution?
sandy <>
west chester, pa USA - Thu, February 28, 2002

Commercial algae killer? <>>><

My mollies just had babies and lots of them are dying because they got stuck in the gravel. What should I do?
Peter Mathews
Perth, WA AUSTRALIA - Fri, March 1, 2002

You must have an undergravel filter. Short of turning it off, you don't have many options. <>>><

I have a zebra fish and it is fatter than the rest of the zebra fish. How can you tell if there a boy or girl? Also, how can you tell if its pregnant?
Peter Mathews <>
Perth, WA Australia - Fri, March 1, 2002

The female is generally fuller-bodied and larger with subdued colors. On the males one can find a golden-yellow background with fine red lines between the weider blue longitudinal lines. On the female, the background is silvery white. Breeding takes place in shallow water no more than six inches deep with lots of plants and some sunlight. Place the female in the tank one day before spawning and add the male the same evening. The pair will normally spawn in the early hours of the morning and the eggs will be deposited on the plants. Good luck. <>>><

I have a 20gal tank I'm having a problem getting the water clear and I just got the nitrite levels down from 5.0 to .50ppm by changing about 6gals water. but now the water is cloudy, but the fish appear fine, I do water changes once a week about two gals each time. I have 14 fish(5 med. Tiger Barbs 1.5 to 2.0 inches,5 Black Ruby Barbs .25 to .75 inches, 2 Bala Sharks 2.0 inches, 2 Plecos 1 is about 3inches and my tiger pleco is 1.5inches, i also have a red claw crab), 1 Java Fern, & some driftwood and using a a hang-on power filter that filters 150gals an hour,the PH is 7.0, Gh & Kh is good, temp. is steady at 80 degrees, I'm going to be buy a 55gal tank this weekend and I do not want the same problems in the new tank what am I doing wrong and what I do I to fix the problem? I've tried water clarifier BY PROQUATICS and it does nothing.
Plainsboro , NJ USA - Sat, March 2, 2002

I'd increase the water change to 15% to 20% of the size of the tank.
For a 55 gallon tank, make the water change about 8 gallons. <>>><

I have a gourami that I can't tell what kind it is. I thought it was a blue gourami but on the tank we bought it from it said leopard gourami. Is there such a fish? Also, I purchased a extremely small pleco. It doesn't look like the typical pleco, it is dark gray like on top and has a black line down his side and white belly and white dots on the top and bottom of the tail fin. Can you suggest a website or book that I can look at to identify these fish?
Jenn <>
NEW YORK, NY USA - Mon, March 4, 2002

Try this website. <>>><

I put algae disc pieces in my 10 gallon tank for my pleco and it seems like my pleco never gets to eat them. My gourami seems to sit and eat it until it is gone. Is this normal? My gourami seems to swim constantly back and forth across the tank until I feed it. Also, the gourami is really thick in the front of his body, could it be female and pregnant? How can I tell what sex it is?
Jenn <>
NY, NY USA - Mon, March 4, 2002

Boil some lettuce for your gourami and pleco, obviously, the gourami is hungry for some greens. Females are generally bigger than the males, they spawn under certain conditions times rather than "get pregnant". <>>><

I have a 20 gallon aquarium that was purchased around Christmas. We have had the water quality checked at the pet store before adding fish. My problem is that I have purchased two plecostomas - both died. Now the tank is growing lots of algae. I would like to purchase another, but not if it is also going to die shortly. Any suggestions?
Darien, IL USA - Wed, March 6, 2002
Plecostomas as generally hardy fish. Try a different supplier. <>>><

rochester, Washington USA - Sun, March 10, 2002
It depends on the number of fish you have and whether you like clear water versus a sort of yellowish colored water. It's definitely healthier to clean the fish tank and change the water once in a while <>>><

hi i have a problem with my tank i was looking in my gravel today and i seen little worms in my gravel could you tell me how to get rid of them and what causes them id appreciate it alot. thanks
cheryl <>
clairton, pa USA - Sun, March 10, 2002

The little worms are probably harmless, they probably hitched a ride on your fish into your tank. I wouldn't worry about trying to get rid of them as long as your fish are healthy. <>>><

Can beta fish have light in their aquarium? and do they like it?
ashlee <>
lindal, tx USA - Sun, March 10, 2002

Yes, you can have a light with a beta. It would be nice if there are some decorations that give shade (a hollow rock, a plant with broad leaves) so the beta can get away from the light once in a while. <>>><

I have recently moved and when I set up my freshwater tank it began growing algae. Could it be the new flourescent light (my old one burned out), or the well water that I now have?
Las Vegas, NV USA - Mon, March 11, 2002
It's more likely the location you placed your tank. Is it near a window? <>>><

how do you take care of baby black mollies.
tollhouse, ca USA - Tue, March 12, 2002
You can buy commercial baby fry food, or finely grind the regular flake food for the babies. <>>><

Hi. I just upgraded to a nice 55 gallon aquarium. I have a male and femal molly, five platies, two female guppies, 7 neon tetra, and two small catfish so far. My female molly had about 25-30 babies the day after I bought her! A platy had 2 babies. All but five of the mollies died being sucked up by the regular filter(not undergravel) but mostly for some reason when I put them in a plastic floating breeder type container. Why did the breeder kill 11 fish? I am scared of getting a plague of unwanted fry as well (a few growing up would be nice) This is why my two guppes are femal. Any suggestions?
The Luckster
Sterling Hgts., MI USA - Wed, March 13, 2002

Instead of putting the fish into a plastic floating breeder container. Cut a piece of nylon pantyhose type legging and cover the filter intake with that. It will keep the young from being sucked up immediately. Some fry will die under natural conditions, that's one reason why the mollies, platies, etc. have so many at one time. <>>><

i have several fish tanks a 55 and 25 and several 10's.i wanted to change my 25 to salt water and need to know how to do it and what i need to buy.any sugestions would be great thanks.
Samantha <>
douglasville, ga USA - Wed, March 13, 2002

First you need to change the substrate to a coral/calcium gravel. Add a strong filter and sea salt mix. Run the tank for about a week then add a small fish under one inch in length for a month to get the biological cycle started. Gradually, add other denizens but keep it to down to 5 inches of fish. If you want invertebrates like sea anemones you'll need to get a special coral sea light fixture. Change 15% of the water twice a month. <>>><

my tank water turns neon green after two or three days. what to do to stop the greeness?
ny, ny USA - Thu, March 14, 2002
If your tank is near a window, move it further away from the light. If it's turning green under regular light conditions, I'd try some over-the-counter algae killer. <>>><

I live in a rural area where we have water from a well. I just got a new fish tank and set it up (no fish yet) and tested the PH. It was off the chart alkaline wise. I tried adding PH down stuff to it but have so far put in about 5x the recommended amount and it is still off the chart, way above 7.8. On a lark I tested my bottled spring water and it was a perfect 7.0. Is this safe to use instead of putting tons of chemicals in the tap water? Does it lack anything else that fish may require? Is it safe to assume that bottled water is neither to hard or to soft? Also I was going to get a couple of neon tetras and am looking for some other colorful smaller fish that would all play well together any suggestions? I am not interested in breeding or anything like that, I just want them to be pretty to look at. I'm also looking for a catfish that would remain on the smaller side hopefully with some interesting markings vs. just the silvery color. Any help would be appreciated.
Melrose, NY USA - Fri, March 15, 2002

Bottled water of ph 7 would be perfect for your neon tetras. There are some nice catfish that come have pretty patterns of stripes or dots that would be fine companions. <>>><

i have had a fish tank with golden gourami for about sixs months all has been well until now, one of the fish will not feed and has become very pale in colour it is resonably active at times do you have any advise? Thanks Nigel
nigel <>
london, uk - Sun, March 17, 2002

About 90 percent of all fish-related problems are due to contaminated or insufficient water from filter, food dosages, having too many fish in one aquarium or moving location. None of these seem to be implied in your case. You may want to remove the pale fish from the others in case the fish has something contagious. Put the fish in a large container of water (preferably a two gallon bucket) in a warm space and add a small amount of salt to the water (1 tsp to the gallon). If you have a spare air tube and pump put it in the container also. Otherwise, change a cup of the water per day. Do not feed it the first day, try a little food on day two. When the fish looks better, you can put it back in the tank with the others. <>>><

My children's goldfish have ick. I put the "Quick Cure" drops in and within a few hours the fish were all bottom dwellers. I did a partial water change but I'm afraid to put the drops in again. I took out my carbon filter, because the Wal-mart clerk told my husband I was supposed to, and stuck in a filter with no carbon. They, the fish, seem to be doing better since the water change but I need to know if it is okay to put in drops. The water temp is 66 degrees and I don't know how to raise it unless I purchase a heater and I really don't want to if I don't have to. Any advise??
State College, PA USA - Sun, March 17, 2002

If you have a heating pad, you could place that near the tank to raise the temperature a little -- say to about 70 degrees. Another way to heat your tank would be to put an incandescent lamp near it (standard light bulb). Continue to do partial water changes (1/4) every couple of days and leave off the medicine as your fish are sensitive to it. Try getting some liquid vitamins for the fish. It might strengthen them enough to overcome the ick infection naturally. Ick is almost always caused by temperature changes. <>>><

Should I put some type of drops in the tank to prevent disease?
Dr. Fish
SanDiego, Ca USA - Mon, March 18, 2002

The only product I would recommend is "Stress Coat" and that's when you introduce new conditions to the tank -- i.e. new fish, large water change, new plants, etc. <>>><

I have been having a lot of problems keeping corys..They live for 2 days and then they die.The first 3 that were killed i just throw away but after the next 3 starting dieing i put in bag to take back to the store..I have 5 black tetra , 5 headlight tetras ,1 neon , 2dwarf frogs and 1 molly..This morning i got up and seen one of my cories swimming very wierd like he couldnt keep his balance so i scooped him out and noticed his back fin was gone..Then remembered making a comment to a friend that the last 3 didnt have back fins on either(I thought they may be the first to rot)but this one was still alive and trying to swim..Fin rot wouldnt happen overnight and this backfin was almost completely gone..Do i have a killer in the bunch of fish i mentioned..They hang out under driftwood with the frogs!!!!would they bite off the fins
eric k
somewhere, PA USA - Mon, March 18, 2002

I do not trust the frogs <>>><

I am extremely interested in breeding fish. Over the past five years I have had prodominitly Pirhana's. During this time I have aquired a 90gal, 75,30,20,10 gallon tanks. With my breeding I have started with what I have heard is easiest live bearers(mollies) 2 Female silver 1 Male silver 1 Female black this one apears to be pregnant from purchase. They're in the 30 gallon tank with 2 Aqua clear filter 200 and 150. both hooked into undergravel filter system. Have breeder net set on back of tank but, have not put B/molly into yet when should I do this. So the babies won't get sucked in? If I don't aprox. how many on an avg. might survive? My 90g tank has 1 14inch pure tiger oscar 1 10inch Jack Dempsey 1 4inch African cichlid. This African cichlid alway's fight w/ either the jack or my 18inch pleco, baby 2inch pleco also show's sign of harrasment. This tank only used to dwell Jack and 7inch pleco but Jack killed the pleco in 20 gallon tank while in the process of moving. Recieved the Oscar and 18inch pleco from friend and bought African cichlid after to try and sort of have more fish per space. Is this community a good mix or should the african cichilid be eliminated? I Also would like to find a place to order rare cichlids via mail African or South American. Feel skilled only to a certain extent please help.
Linc, Nebraska USA - Tue, March 19, 2002

The mollies should breed without any real help. Watch for the black spot on the belly to grow in size. With practice, you'll get a sense of how big it should be before putting her in a breeder net. If you keep only mollies in the tank, you'll be full up to your eyebrows in them shortly. Cichlids are born to fight, they are very territorial. They should be kept to themselves and not in a community tank. You could try or for rare cichlids and catfish. I have not bought from these sites, so no guarantees. <>>><

The water in our fish tank turned a dark dark green. we could'nt even see the fish. we used a product that was supposed to make the water clear. we tried it since we had tried everything else. it worked for a few hours and now its starting to turn green again. What sould we do? all we have in the tank is 1 plant and the gravel.
Surrey, Canada - Wed, March 20, 2002

What sort of lighting does this tank have? It sounds like you have an algae bloom from bad water conditions. You may have to redo the entire tank to get rid of it --change water, gravel, filtration plant, etc. <>>><

I have had a 30 and a 50 gallon fish tank in the past(fresh and Salt water) and have decided to set up the 50 gallon (Fresh water) for my daughter, but I was talking to our local pet store when we were getting some new items, and they said that they do not reccomend using a bottom filter anymore. I thought to myself that this is strange, they were the same people that told me I needed it in the past. Can you advise what would be better to use it or not? Thank You.
Kyle <>
Oswego, IL USA - Thu, March 21, 2002

Yes, the new school of thought is that outside filters are better as they are easier to clean if there is a contamination. <>>><

How warm does a tropical fish tank need to be?
Rako <>
nottingham, USA - Thu, March 21, 2002

I'd keep it between 72 to 78 degrees. <>>><

I currently have black skirt tetras and head&TAIL light tetras ,2 african dwarf frogs,1 apple snail ,3 cories and a pleco..I have heard that i could actually add a male betta to this mix if i wanted..I didnt think they were community type fish but if they are would love to get one..
eric k <>
PA USA - Sat, March 23, 2002

I would not recommend a betta for this community tank. The tetras and the frogs are a threat to the betta's welfare <>>><

I had a Guppy that was pregnant. She was fat with a dark spot near her belly. One Afternoon, I looked at the fish and I noticed that the pregnant one was thinner than she was before but her dark spot was still there. Is this Natural to pregnant fish or am I going Spacko?
P.H.Mathews <>
Perth, WA AU - Tue, March 26, 2002

I have a 10 gallon tank. I have 2 gold gouramis, 1 pleco, 1 moonlight gourami, 2 redflare gouramis, 1 neon male gourami, 1 blue gourami, and 3 bubble bees. 1 of my red flare gouramis is acting kind of funny, and it looks fat. I was wondering , How do you tell if your Gouramis is Pregnant? Thanks,Nick
Nick <>
pioneeer, oh USA - Tue, March 26, 2002

Gouramis are egg laying fish so it is not as easy to tell when they are ready to spawn. The male will build a bubble nest and embrace the female to make the female drop her eggs. <>>><

Can you tell me how to breed sailfin Mollies or a website that has info about them?
Peter Mathews <>
Perth, WA Australia - Sun, March 31, 2002

Try this site:

what are the usual dimensions for a 20 gallon tank?
jordan <>
stonington, ct USA - Sun, March 31, 2002

24 high x 16 deep x 12 inches wide. <>>><

I have a small starter tank and seem to be breeding platies constantly !( with out actaually trying ) now my dwarf gouramis have made a bubble nest and I have found several tiny fish at the top of my tank hiding in the plants however I cannot tell if they are tiny platies or are they dwarf gouramis as I dont know what the fry look like from the latter !! help
bristol, england - Mon, April 1, 2002

If the fry look like little tadpoles, you've got gourami. <>>><

I just bought a pearl gourami. I have had blue gourami for the last 2 months. When I put the pearl in the tank the blue gourami started chasing the other around the tank and pining the pearl to the bottoms of the tank.Why? The girl at the shop said they would be fine. What should i do? I need advice. Should I separate them?
Jenn <>
NY, NY USA - Mon, April 1, 2002

Your tank may not be big enough for the extra gourami. I would separate them. If you have floating plants, it might help. Each species needs to have enough space. <>>><

have a 29 gallon tank with a great community, ive had it for about 2 years now. My Pleco(ugly)is fat and the silver dollar is well, he's huge, the neon tetras are fat too and my two gouramis are almost 4 inches long. I noticed that alot of people who write have water problems. It takes time for the water to stabilize huh! I have both undergravel and a newer top fin overflow 30 and never have problems. I was wondering how long activated charcoal in both the filter cartridges and the undergravel outputs needs to be changed. Top fin says its okay to reuse the filter cartridges if you want and since theyre $$ and I have -$$ that works out well! Also the stone areators clog constantly, do you know of a brand that doesent?? and how long should the light timer be on/off? I have it about 14on/10 off. Thanks e-mail open 2 Jude
Jude <>
Puyallup, WA USA - Tue, April 2, 2002

You don't have to religiously change filter cartridges as the biological filter does as much work as the chemicals. The charcoal is to keep the water clear for viewing. Your lighting sounds fine. <>>><

i just started a tank up and i used meijer spring water ...... is that ok for my tropical fish ..... that have been dying ......(im trying to figure out why they are dying) ryan
chatham, il USA - Tue, April 2, 2002

I wouldn't use spring water, it contains minerals. Use distilled water instead or the product mentioned below. <>>><

My water is all green what can I do? Please email me!!!!
John <>
Fargo, nd USA - Wed, April 3, 2002
Is the tank near a window? How warm is the water? How often have you changed the water? Lot's of factors here can contribute to an algae bloom. <>>><

Hello, i was wondering what signs besides getting fat will my black female molly have if she is pregnant? Also do you believe it is wise just to leave the fry in with the mother and her other older fry? (so far she has 6 fry in my tank with her) Thanks
hodgenville, ky USA - Fri, April 5, 2002

Most mollies are pregnant. The fry are usually safe with the mother but not with other fish <>>><

i have an established 30 gal. undergravel and mechanical filter. when my last fish died i decided to start over. i emptied the tank completely and changed the filter, although i left the undergravel filter undisturbed. i filled the tank and let it sit a week. then i got three zebra danios to build up the nitrates/nitrites (sorry, i'm not sure about the wording on that one). it's been two weeks since i put them in and they are thriving! they have turned from a black and white color when i purchased them to a pretty black and pink. they are doing great. my ammonia level is zero, but the ph is extremely low. should i put in some ph ajduster, wait longer? i've done my research but i can't find anything about this problem. thanks for your help, annie
annie <>
somewhere, nc USA - Sat, April 6, 2002

3 zebra danios in a 30 gallon tank? Yes, you'll need to wait a little longer for the ph to settle out :)
Sounds like you're doing fine. <>>><

I started a fish tank a couple years ago. We discontinued it's use for a while and now I want to start it up again. It's a five gallon vinyl tank. Its a half hexagonal shape with 2 riser tubes and lots of air tubes that aren't that clean, and although they're supposed to be clear, they're not. The ends of the air line tubes are kind of stretched and are a little big for the holes. Can I salvage this one or is it not worth it and I should buy a new one? Also, about how many neon tetra sized fish can live in a 5 gallon tank?
Chicago, IL USA - Sat, April 6, 2002

You can salvage the tank. The air tubing can be replaced if they don't fit well. Allow one inch of fish per gallon of water. Sicne neon tetras are pretty small, probably eight is enough <>>><

My favorite old goldfish has been in a tank that measures about 30x12x12 for over ten years. We just discoveed a small leak in the tank about 3 inches from the top. The tank is glass with glued seams. I quickly put several very large cable ties arounr the tank to prevent it from coming completely unglued and discovered that this competely stopped the leak. It doesn't look nice so want to permanently repair the tank. The local pet shop said I had to compltely dismantle the tak and re-glue all the joints. Do you have any other suggestions for an easier fix? Bob Freed
wehum <>
Pittsburgh, PA USA - Sun, April 7, 2002

Sorry, your local pet shop is right. You should dismantle the tank and reseal it with aquarium sealant (100% clear silicon rubber) which you can get at your local pet store. You need to let it dry for 48 hours before you can add the water back in. You can try lowering the water in the tank a few inches below the point where it leaks and only seal the section that you know leaks...but you'd have to make sure it doesn't get wet so it drys thoroughly <>>><

What is ick that fish get, I need to know what it looks like, how it starts and how I can treat it. I have never had this problem before and I am wanting to take care of it before I lose my fish, I think they may have it. Thanks.
fiveledbetters <>
Jamestown, TN USA - Tue, April 9, 2002

Little white dots. Like measles :)
If your fish have ick, increase temperature of water by a couple of degrees and add a little salt (1 tsp to gallon) to the tank -- Remove any catfish as the salt will kill them <>>><

Do you know any fresh water fish that have to do with Hatchet and info on them?
kaitlyn <>
port st lucie, fl USA - Tue, April 9, 2002

The hatchet is the perfect fish for any community tank and highly recommended for beginners. Natives of South America, their unusual appearance and peaceful nature make an interesting addition to the aquarium. These fish have few special needs and get along well with any of the community fish. Tetras, rainbows, corydoras catfish, gouramis, platys and swordtails are possible tankmates. <>>><

I have a 10 gallon tank with 5 small tropical fish, nothing fancy. I have a small filter. The water is starting to turn yellow. What should I do? I have the tank for about a month. Thanks
Staten Island, NY USA - Tue, April 9, 2002

The filter needs fresh charcoal. Rinse the charcoal first before putting it into the filter <>>><

are koi fish lucky?
morris, ct USA - Thu, April 11, 2002

Among the Chinese businessmen, fancy carps are often reared for " Good Luck" . There exist quite an elaborate philosophy about the number of carps that should be reared- usually in multiples of nine ie. 9, 18, 36 and so on. When one or more fish in the pond died for whatever reason, the owner must immediately buy new ones to make up for the same number- or else it will be bad luck. Another superstition is that all koi have to be given names immediately or they will die. Expensive hobby <>>><

My son has a 25 gal tank with 2 swordtails 2 angels 2 tetras 3 mollies 1 tricolour shark and a blue gourami. This morning the gourami was on its side on the bottom and trying to move it was being harrassed by the angels. I moved it to a bucket that I am trying to keep around 80 deg. I treated this water with quick cure and salt and I am hoping he will rest and recover - any suggestions would be appreciated.
oakville, on canada - Thu, April 11, 2002

Angels can be aggressive, I'm afraid you'll need to keep the gourami separated from the angel fish. They just are not compatible. <>>><

How do I know if my gold fish is pregnant?? I have one that has grown considerably since I bought 2 about a week ago. They are simple smallish gold fish. What do I do if she(?)is Pregnant???? Will she eat them? What about them getting sucked up into the filter? I have a little 5 gallon tank. I just wanted something small for the baby to look at and now I think I am going to be a mommy again!! HELP ME!!!
Ruth <>
Hopewell, va USA - Fri, April 12, 2002

It is quite unlikely that your goldfish is pregnant. Goldfish become "heavy" rather quickly with good feeding and will grow very large. If you wish to keep your fish within your five gallon tank, only feed it what it can eat in about 1 minute. <>>><

i want to buy a tank and all the books and everything say that i should get the biggest tank i can find but i don't have enough money so does anybody know a great place were i can find cheap fish tanks with good quality
davi dave
austin, tx USA - Sat, April 13, 2002

its me agian i was wondering when i set up a salt water tank can i put in fresh water to or will they die. and also do you know where i can find some good cheap fish
davi dave <>
austin, tx USA - Sat, April 13, 2002

Me Again do you know any good colorful easy salt water fish for a beginner Also what is the difference between a coral and a reef because the web site that i've been looking at fish at says that some fish are Reef Compatible and what they mean if it isn't "Reef Compatible" thanx
davi dave <>
austin, tx USA - Sat, April 13, 2002

i was wondering what is the difference between coral and live rock
davi dave <>
austin, tx USA - Sun, April 14, 2002

does anybody know where any good websites to buy good quality letters
wayne <>
austin, tx USA - Sun, April 14, 2002

does anybody know where any good websites to buy good quality tanks that are cheap
wayne <>
austin, tx USA - Sun, April 14, 2002

does anybody know any cheap web sites were i can get salt water fish that are cheap but in good quality
david <>
austin, tx USA - Tue, April 16, 2002

i'm upgrading from a 55 gallon tank to a 125 gallon and i'm considering putting african cichlids from lake malawi in the 55. I really like yellow labs and would like to know what are some compatible fish to put in the tank with them.
ray <>
wheatley heights n.y., n.y. USA - Sun, April 14, 2002

Anyone have a clue? <>>><

I have often seen small, underwater turtles in corporate tanks. Is there a way to keep one of these little guys in a six gallon tank? Are they compatible with tropical fish? Do they recquire a different setup than fish? Any info. would be helpful. Thank you.
Brian Hansen
Tulsa, AZ USA - Sun, April 14, 2002
Turtles need very good filtration. I have seen tanks with fish and turtles living together, but I wouldn't discount that some fish become turtle food. <>>><

I have one goldfish in a 10 gallon tank. My daughter went and bought 2 angel fish which the store owner told her she could mix with the goldfish. I don't know if that is true or not. The food I have says it is for goldfish. Now how do I feed all three of them. Thanks
carol <>
wpb, fl USA - Mon, April 15, 2002
You shouldn't mix angelfish with goldfish. They have different feeding requirements and water conditions <>>><

how do i cool off my fish tank?
mikel_neo <>
ohio USA - Tue, April 16, 2002
Put it near an air conditioner? Ice cubes? What is causing it to be too hot? Move the location, turn off the heater. <>>><

I have two problems I hope someone can help me with. First, I live in a second floor apt and it gets pretty warm in my apt. I have shut the heater off in my tank and when I came home from work the other day the tank temp was up to 86 degrees. Is that temp ok for tropical fish? I am afraid that when it gets warmer this summer the temp will go up even more. Is there a safe way to keep the temp down in the tank? Also, ever since I started using distilled water my tank is foggy. What causes this? I have had the water tested and all is find. What can I do? Please if anyone can help, Please email me : The help will be appreciated!!
Jenn <>
NY, NY USA - Tue, April 16, 2002
Definitely turn off the heater, your tank is too warm. Cut down the amount of food and change the filtration materials to clear up the foggy water. <>>><

i have a ten gallon aquarium and have decided upon keeping a few crawfish, what do they need to eat, also any special needs? please send response via e-mail Thanks
John Wayne Williamson <>
Summit, ms USA - Wed, April 17, 2002

Crawfish eat everything, including your fish <>>><

How can you tell when a pregnant fish is ready to give birth?
Danielle <>
Norristown, PA USA - Wed, April 17, 2002
Most times you can't tell. The fish may get sluggish <>>><

What is the Temperature in a fresh water fish tank
Raytown, MO USA - Wed, April 17, 2002
76 - 82 degrees is pretty good, depends on the fish. <>>><

if conditions in the tank (ammonia and ph) are ok is it necessary to do a water change? i've read that water changes should be done anywhere from everywhere to 2 to 4 weeks. love your site! thanks for all the great info! Annie
d1mansjunk <>
somewhere, nc USA - Sat, April 20, 2002
Thanks for the positive feedback. If your water conditions are good just change 15% every 4 weeks <>>><

I have just finished treating my aquarium for ick. I followed the directions. I have an Opaline Gourami that has been acting weird since the second day of treatment. Starting last night, he has been swimming in a see-saw pattern off and on. I was thinking that he might be stressed out. He did not show any signs of ick and was courius is the medication could be effecting him.
Laura <>
Vancouver, Wa USA - Sat, April 20, 2002
Yes, the medication could be bothering your gourami. I would remove him and put him in a bucket with a bubbling air tube for a few days. <>>><

I bought a 3 gallon tank about 4 weeks ago. I have 1 betta fish male,1platty,2mollie fish 1 black and 1 silver I was told when I had bought them one was female one male I have noticed that the mollie fish keep rubbing agaist each other and she takes her fin rubbes agaist him.. Then I noticed that there were babies in there I removed my betta fish from the tank.. Is this there mating ritual??? Is there any sites that can give information how long it takes once they breed,where i can if fish are male female,caring for baby fish etc thank you very much michelle
michelle <>
maumee, oh USA - Wed, April 24, 2002
Yes the fish will rub during mating. Just grind up some fish flakes into little particles for the babies.
Here's a site that goes into details <>>><

i was wondering do coral grow on live rock
david <>
tx USA - Fri, April 26, 2002

Yes <>>><

I am new to the fish tank world and I am not sure what kind of fish and plants to but for my tank. Do all fish get allong? I would like to have fish and plants that work together to help keep the tank clean and healthy and that wouldn't kill eachother. I would apriciate any advice you can give to a first time fish owner. Thanx! =-)
Britt <>
Wooster, Oh USA - Sat, April 27, 2002

Most fish will eat any fish that they can get their mouths around. A few exceptions: I haven't caught a coryadora dong this trick yet. Fish will ignore other fish that are not part of their family. Therefore, a tetra won't notice a swordtail as they are not in the same family. Certain fish should not be combined with others - goldfish and angelfish are often combined in a community tank with sad results. <>>><

I just recently setup a new 30 gallon tank, i have not yet added any fish. The water seems to be overly cloudly I have tested the PH level which is at 7.5 I have added the PH Down drops but it does not seem to lower the PH Level. I guess my question is are the two related the high PH and Cloudy water, also how do I go about fixing this. Thanks!
Dinesh <>
NJ USA - Sun, April 28, 2002

Add some plants and a small fish and wait a week or two. Hopefully, your water quality will improve <>>><

hi, i was wondering what kind of fish would go well with four dalmation mollies and three guppies? thanks. R.L.K.
rachel <>
kenora, ontario canada - Mon, April 29, 2002

Coryadora Catfish, swordtails, small tetras <>>><

Can anyone tell me where I can find out about suitable roofing materials that will filter sunlight to give an optimum spectrum for typical tropical fish (and plants) setups ???????????
peter <>
Sydney, USA - Mon, April 29, 2002

i was wondering can any one name all the products that i will need that will let the fish live but not break my back thanx
david <>
austin, tx USA - Wed, May 1, 2002

Get a "bucketfree" hose set for changing the water. They are great <>>>><

I am new to this and just given a 10 gallon tank. Everything is setup and the fish are happy. I do not know the process for cleaning my tank(siphon, water change, filter change, etc). Could you tell me the frequencys for each of these, and the safest way to do it without killing the fish. I seem to read alot about frequent water changes. Could you tell me more about how to best do this, how often, what % to change, etc.. Thanks
Charlotte, NC USA - Thu, May 2, 2002

Use a gravel cleaner to take up 20% of the water and add equal amount of fresh water --every two weeks should be fine. <>>><

i whanting to now how you get methylene blue out off you water (the water has blue tinge to it for mothes now)if any one can tell me THANKS
adam <>
Grafton, N.S.W Austalia - Sat, May 4, 2002

I have another queston i have 2 golden gerame the bigest one hit every thing in my tank with it tail manly the thermometer, is this nomal? THANKS
Adam <,au>
Grafton, N.S.W Australia - Sat, May 4, 2002
Some fish are more aggressive than others. Hope he settles down <>>><

One of my fish keeps resting on the bottom of the tank. But when I approach the tank he acts normal. The water does seem a little warm. Could this be he is going to the bottom? It is almost as if he is resting.
Las Vegas, NV USA - Sat, May 4, 2002

Fish will sometimes rest on the bottom of the tank. This is normal. <>>><

Hi, I have two platties, well actually I had three one died in April. Last night I noticed there were two baby platties in my tank! I have a small tank 5 gal, I was so surprised to see these little fellows because I had no idea one platty was pregnant, I thought it was just fat! I have a couple questions, could my platty only have two, I mean is that normal? or were the rest eaten :( I see they are doing ok because they swim around and to the surface with the bigger guys, and they love to eat flakes, but I don't know when they were born. These little fellows are about a little less than half an inch. I can see the black in ther tails, and fins--super cute. But what is the size when they are born? With the size they are now will the parents eat them? I doubt the tetras will. I am afraid to take them out but with the little live plants that are in the tank I hope they survive. My last question is more or less how fast do they grow. I hope that with the tank light this will keep the water warm so that can help them grow a little faster,(not to much of course) I see they like it because they dare to go to the surface. Hope my babies survive :) Thanks
Miami, Fl USA - Mon, May 6, 2002

Growth depends on food intake and other factors. I have seen some fish grow very fast <>>><

Is there any non toxic paint I can use to paint the inside of my outdoor gold fish aquarium?
Jacqueline Smelkinson <>
Baltimore, Md. USA - Thu, May 9, 2002

Hello, Im purchasing a 180 gallon shallow tank. I would like to fill it with some of the most rare and exotic fish hopefully from the amazon or South Africa. Do you have any ideas on what types of fish these would be and where to get ahold of them. Im willing to pay between $400-2000 per fish. Thank you for any help you can give, William
William Corp Jr <>
mechanicville, ny USA - Thu, May 9, 2002

There are several places on the internet that offer exotic fish. I cannot recommend any per se, as I have not bought from these places <>>><

I have a 55gal. tank in which i used to feed my fish live food, such as minnows and goldfeeders. For the last few months I haven't been feeding them feeders. The problem is that ihave these little tiny thread/like worms in my tank and no matter how much I clean it, it never goes away. can you please help?
smp465 <>
brooklyn, new york USA - Fri, May 10, 2002
I'm happy to say, you got culture. Don't worry about the little worms, they are good for your tank and do not hurt the fish <>>><

I have a 30 gal and a 20 gal tank in storage. The 30 was used as a sick tank and has been emptied and left outside for a few weeks in my garage. The 20 gal was given to me over a year ago and is sitting in my garage. What can I use to clean them that will not harm the fish when I reset them up? I am thinking of going the salt water choice for them, b/c I have a 75 gal w/ cichlids and its fine.
new haven, Ct USA - Sat, May 11, 2002

Salt does an admirable job as a scrubbing tool. <>>><

Hello, I am trying to find out what these little creatures are in my 5.5 gallon tank. The tank contains an albino frog and a pleco. I have recently noticed lots of little white/clear worm/larvae looking creatures slithering around on the glass, each one seems to have a little brown spot on them too. I know they can't be worms though, because they are apparently turning into little flying gnats or water bugs or something, they have wings, antennae and their bodies are green. I am wondering if you might know what these are, if they will harm the fish, where they come from and how to get rid of them. Also, I was wondering if they could have been introduced via algae discs, if not any other way.
csr19us <>
IN USA - Tue, May 14, 2002

How interesting, certainly, larvae can arrive in food products. I doubt that the little flies are harmful, if anything they could supply your aquarium friends with live food. <>>><

My fishtank water is always too acid. How do I do maintain the PH to a normal level. I change the water about twice a month and it still gets very acidty.
Pgh, PA USA - Wed, May 15, 2002
Change 20% of the water once a week, cut down on the amount of food. How many fish do you have in the tank? <>>><

Can we put minnows and goldfish in the same fishtank?
Mrs. Williams
Linden, NJ USA - Wed, May 15, 2002

Not recommended <>>>><

I would like to know how to start a salt water fish tank? And if you if it hard to do so.
Erin <>
St. Clair shores, mi USA - Wed, May 15, 2002

Here's an article <>>><

PARSONS, WV USA - Thu, May 16, 2002

Could be swim bladder disease or numerous others...its hard to tell. <>>><

I am a beginner fish owner. We were gifted with a 2 gallon tank with three gold fish and one female beta. The tank is only two days old, looks very clean but is putting off an awful odor. Is this normal? What would be the cause? The people I know who have fish tanks do not have a home that smells like this. Can you offer any suggestions?
USA - Fri, May 17, 2002
Stop feeding the fish for three days, change 20% of the water and try activated charcoal in the filter <>>><

We have a 10 gallon community tank with 2 Mickey Mouse platys, 3 neon tetra, 1 silver danio, 2 blue gouramis, and 2 rummy nose tetras. One of the platys appears to be pregnant. Our tank is lighted and aerated but not heated. We also have a little 2 gallon tank that is presently empty. Would it be safe to keep the platy in question in the community tank till she spawns? Would the 2 gallon tank be good for the fry? Should we get a heater for it? What should we feed the fry? We'd like to hear from anyone who has comments or experience with breeding these delightful little fish! Jim and Jan
Jim <>
New Orleans, LA USA - Fri, May 17, 2002

what kind of stone are used in aquarium gravel?(my poppa is thinking about starting a buisness in Newfoundland)
Welland, Ont Canada - Sun, May 19, 2002

You can use well washed commercial gravel stones that are found in home and garden stores. <>>><

hey i need to know about gold fish how do u tell the boy gold fish from the girl gold fish b/c i want to breed them and i dont know what one is the girl or boy?
elizabeth <>
waycross, ga USA - Sun, May 19, 2002 It's hard to tell girl and boy goldfish apart. The female is slightly rounder underneath. <>>><

Can you breed black skirt tetra and how
fish man
martinsville , Va USA - Mon, May 20, 2002
Check out <>>><

Do xclown fish sleep and if so how please anwser asap it is for a report.
Amanda <>
USA - Mon, May 20, 2002

All fish sleep, some even lie on their sides <>><

Hi, I have just purchased a 20 gallon aquariam kit with heater, filter, conditioner etc. The aquariam has been set up and running for 4 days and all we need now is some fish. I am looking for a hearty long-living fish that is medium to large in size and colorful. I would like to have approx. 4-5 larger fish altogether but am unsure which can live together well. What do you suggest? Also< I currently do not have a salt water tank and have heard they are harder to care for than fresh water tanks. Is this true? I do not have much experience with aquariams/fish and am grateful for any help you can offer. Thanks, Robin
Robin Lebel <>
Stephens City, va USA - Wed, May 22, 2002 Salt water is harder to take care of. You might want to start with a couple of paradise fish or gouramis, a pleco, and a clown loach. <>>><

i have fish that have ick. i treated them with a tablet you just put in the water and kinda fizzes like alka seltzer. as you can see i am a newbie with fish. what i would like to know is how long do i treat the fish, and what is the best stuff to use? also i have a 30 gallon tank set up with no fish in it at all yet. i am planning on transfering the fish into that tank as i have to many in my 10 gallon. would it be better to transfer them now or wait till the ick is gone? id really appreciate any advice you could give me.
ware, ma USA - Thu, May 23, 2002

Wait till the ick is gone. Treatment is usually about a week. <>>><

I just moved to a new city, and have noticed that about 24 hours after setting up my fishtank, the water starts to get cloudy. Why is it doing that?
Shannon P.
Edmonton, AB Canada - Fri, May 24, 2002 New tank syndrome, it will pass usually after a week or two <>>><

I am still new at this fish tank stuff. I have 5 goldfish and 2 plecos in a 30 gallon tank. I have noticed that my biggest goldfish have got some scales missing. I didn't know if this was due to growth or if it's some kind of disease. I am still learning about ick too and was wondering if mine get it should I remove the plecos? Also, my largest pleco is trying to latch onto my other fish. Should I add algea tablets? Thank you for your time. All your advice is appreciated.
Rhapsodymax <>
Bedford, IN USA - Fri, May 24, 2002

Feed your fish some boiled lettuce. Goldfish sometimes lose a few scales without consequence. Ick is usually caused by extremes in water temperature, too hot, too cold. Hopefully, you won't have to worry about it. <>>><

How big do sunset gouramis grow?I need a answer
ft collins, CO USA - Mon, May 27, 2002

Four inches <>>><

We've had our fish tank for about a week and the water in it is cloudy. I tried using tank cleaner to clear it but it didn't make a difference. what can i do?
canada - Tue, May 28, 2002

Let it settle a little longer. Sometimes it takes a couple of weeks for a cloudy tank to clear. Add some plants and one fish to start the tank's cycle <>>><

ok im a first time fish person so i started out with a few feeding fish just to see if my cats would leave them alone. well they don't bother them so i want to get some better fish. the problem is i live in a trailor and it gets very hot and today the temp in the tank was at 82F. i have no light on so i was wondering if there was any way of keeping the temp down or what type of fish to get that could live in that kind of temps. thanks :)
USA - Wed, May 29, 2002
Try paradise fish or gouramis. <>>><

Would you please let us know where can I find a used 75 gallons or more fish tank. Thanks. (281) 687-7272.
Johnny <>
Houston, TX USA - Thu, May 30, 2002

I have plenty of nishikigoi in my house but when i breed them i dont know how to take care of the fry pls......... help meeeeee
kenny <>
cebu city, philippines - Fri, May 31, 2002 You will need get brine shrimp eggs, hatch them and feed the newly hatched brine shrimp to your fry twice a day. <>>><

What is the gestation period for the dalmation molly?
Desperado112860 <>
Massillon, Oh USA - Sun, June 2, 2002
3 weeks <>>><

i have two questions how many fish can i keep in a five gallon tank and my other question is who are the tankmates for betta fish?
south bend, in USA - Sun, June 2, 2002
The rule is one inch of fish per gallon for fresh that's five inches of fish for a five gallon tank.
Possible tankmates: platies, guppies. <>>><

Hello, I am writing for my mother, we have a 33 gallon fish tank and the water is kind of a greenish yellow tint. We are not experts at tanks even though we have had fish for about eight years. Please help us because she is driving me crazy with this thing. PS we have tropical fish and they are in tep water.---Tubagirl
Tubagirl <>
New Bern, NC USA - Sun, June 2, 2002
Add some activated charcoal to your filtration. That should help clear up the water. <>>><

My tank is very cloudy, milky. My Fish are extremely active, go up to surface andmoving around very fast. I've changed the filter, etc. My Silver Dollar fish has red spots and I think is dying. What do I need to do? There is no one in my area who can tell me about fish.
Vidalia, LA USA - Sun, June 2, 2002

Start with changing 20% of the water, change all the filtration materials and cut down on the amount of food you feed your fish. <>>><

Are goldfish and angel fish compatible in the same tank? Can I feed them the same food?
Maria Suber <>
El Paso, Tx USA - Sun, June 2, 2002

No, goldfish need more roughage in their diet and Angelfish should be kept by themselves. <>>><

I've looked through the other questions and didn't see the answer I needed. I have a 10 gallon tank with 5 fish. 1 mollie, 1 swordtail & 3 neon glass fish. I was give a betta today. One of those glass vases with a plant and a fish. Can I put my betta with the other fish I have? Thanks, Kathy
Kathy <>
Clovis, CA USA - Mon, June 3, 2002
I think so. Try it but keep an eye out for a couple of days just in case <>>><

Hello. We just were given a ten gallon fish tank from a friend. Amazingly all the fish survived the move. There are four goldfish and three other smaller fish and a HUGE pleco. I also have a two gallon tank with four zebrafish in it. I am wondering if I can add the zebra's to the ten gallon tank - or will they get eaten?? Thanks.
Minneapolis, MN USA - Tue, June 4, 2002

I think it's safe. Try moving one zebrafish first before committing all of them, you never know <>>><

hi, i was wondering if upside down cat fish gave birth to live young, or if they laid eggs.
dublin, me USA - Tue, June 4, 2002

Eggs <>>><

I have two angel fish and am looking to get some smaller more colorful fish to join them. Can you tell me what is NOT compatible?
Angie <>
Richmond, CA USA - Tue, June 4, 2002

Goldfish, bettas, gouramis <>>><

can i put sea shells and salt water rocks in a 45 gal. fresh water tank
scranton, pa USA - Tue, June 4, 2002

Yes, unless you have catfish <>>><

I got two nickle sized angelfish about eight months ago. I've kept them all this time without any problems. About a month and a half ago my tank started leaking so i had to transfer my fish and rocks,plants etc.. to a new tank.I did this without having any problems with my fish. Now I had the same problem five days ago and i had to change my tank again.(the manufacturer of the tanks had a defective bunch i was lucky enough to get two of them) Everything seemed to be fine then three days after the switch one of my angelfish started acting strange (gasping at the surface,hiding,swimming crooked and eventually upside down) I moved him to a sick tank where he died. The next day my other angelfish was fine, I fed him and he ate no problem then i saw him acting the same way the other angelfish did before it died. I never even had a chance to try tohelp him... he died This all happened within a HALF AN HOUR!!!! What happened?All my other fish in the tank are fine. The angelfish did not have anything visibly wrong with them. They both just died very suddenly a day apart from each other.Please e-mail me directly with your opinion on this matter. Thank you.
Rach <>
Rhinelander, Wi USA - Wed, June 5, 2002

You probably had an angelfish specific disease. Check out this website for more information

Your Frog is probily eating your guppys. I knwo a lot about fish so i will give you my number to call me so i can answer your ouestion. #[607]692 2405
Travis Sessions <TSessions>
Whitny point ny, ny USA - Thu, June 6, 2002

we think our black molly is long till it gives birth?
tim <>
tx USA - Thu, June 6, 2002

About 3 weeks. <>>><

I recently got a 75 gallon tank and in 2 weeks, brown stuff seems to be growing. its on the inside glass, the sand and even the plastic plants inside. At the moment, there are only feeder goldfish in there so that it can cycle the water. Can any thing be done with the brown stuff, it makes the tank look so ugly. Thanks
Dave <>
westminster, ca USA - Fri, June 7, 2002

Get some plants to compete with the algae, add more light to the tank -- brown algae is usually an indication that there is not enough light in tank <>>>><

Hi, I have had my tank for 8 months now, I bought two gouramis, one blue and one pearl. I had no problems with the two being in the tank together. Now all of a sudden they will sprint across the tank and hit the side. Why? Could the tank be too small? What should I do? I was thinking of getting a 40 gallon tank. Would that be big enough for the two of them? Also, I want to breed my blue gourami, how do I tell the difference between the male and the female? I don't know what to buy. Help?
Jenn <>
NY, NY USA - Fri, June 7, 2002
I'd go for that larger tank. The female is more robust than the male. <>>><

Yesterday i got a 5 gallon tank off a friend. I have now 6 fish. 4 velvet sword fish, 1 algae eater, and two fish i have no clue what they are, i know they eat algae and its long and bendable, and blends in with dark things, and is black and silver stripped. Anyways, besides the point. I am breeding the velvet fish, and i know i have to get a breeding tank, and also a bigger normal tank for when my velvets have their children. I've searched the internet for hours looking for a site to tell me what i need to know on breeding and, what it looks like when the female is pregnant, and how long into pregnancy will she have her young ones. I haven't found a thing. Can u help me please, i need to know everything i can know. Thank you! Katie
Katie <>
Whitby, ON Canada - Sat, June 8, 2002
Swordtails usually give birth after change in water conditions. Like most livebearers, the female can be in a constant state of pregnancy. <>>><

How is the best way to paint the back of an acrylic fish tank?
USA - Sun, June 9, 2002
Dark blue or green are the usual colors--You probably need to sandpaper the acrylic first to rough the surface. Be sure to paint the side that does not hold the water <>>>><

i've heard many different stories on the pregnancy of velvet sword fish. I've heard they are pregnant for a week and they will eat their babies, i also heard that they are pregnant for a month, and they wont eat their babies. Which one is true? i heard one from a costumer service person that works for big als, and one from you. Im confused. Which is true?
Katie <>
Whitby, ON Canada - Mon, June 10, 2002

Pregnancy is about 3 weeks to a month. As for eating their young. It big the tank is, how heavily planted, how hungry the fish, etc. I usually give the parents the benefit of the doubt until the fry start to disappear. Then I would move the fry to their own tank. <>>><

Any idea why my rocks, plants, etc, are turning brown in my freshwater(heated)fish tank, i cleaned it out since this has happened and cleaned the filter. The fish seem fine and the water is clear, just every day the rocks and plants get browner and browner...???????
Arlington, Wa USA - Mon, June 10, 2002

You may need to change your lights. The lightbulb is usually only good for about six months to a year before it loses its effectiveness. <>>><

I have barely any plants, and what not in my tank, would that make it more likely for the sword fish to eat the babies?
Katie <>
Whitby, ON Canada - Mon, June 10, 2002 Lack of plants would increase the likelihood of your fry being eaten as they have no place to hide. Even artificial plants are better than nothing. <>>>><

hi, i have one common gold fish i want to know wish type of fish can i put him with. one more question can i put one black moor one pleco three danios my goldfish one male beta one female beta four ghost shrimps two white clouds and 3 harlequin rasboras in the same tank. and can i put all of this fish in a pond.
south bend, in USA - Wed, June 12, 2002

I acquired male and female Pearl gourami two days ago and placed them in a 10 gallon quarintine tank (along with guppies and a pair of dwarf gourmai). The male pearl gourami chases the female and pins her to the bottom of the tank. He chases her and nibs at her sides and fins. Is he trying to mate with her or is this normal behaviour. RT
USA - Thu, June 13, 2002

AAAAAAACK! I need help! There are enough snails per cubic inch of water in my tank, it makes rabbits look like an endangered species! Is there something I can do to get rid of them without taking hours and hours picking each one out?
CO USA - Thu, June 13, 2002

Consider breaking down your tank and removing all the snails in one fell swoop <>>><

I just set up my 20 gallon tank last week. I let it sit for 1 wk before adding tropical fish and the Ph , etc. was great. I have a filter for a 30 gallon tank and an air stone under the gravel (in the back). My problem is the the water is a bit cloudy and I thought it would be crystal clear....what is the problem???? Thanks for any help, Carole
Carole <caeb2000>
neptune, nj USA - Fri, June 14, 2002

Hi. I just bought some kind of small catfish, not sure of the exact name but I hope to find out when I go back to the store tomorrow, and 2 bala sharks. Do you think it is ok to mix them? And also, I have only 1 catfish, do I need more so he won't be lonely or anything? Thx.
Legally_Insane <spidermans>
Alton, VA USA - Fri, June 14, 2002

I bought a fish and it was orange and as it go bigger it turned white. Why is that?
Katisha Henry <>
Naperville, Il USA - Sun, June 16, 2002

how long is a chinese algae eater pregnant? how can you tell if it is a male or female? i was told that there is no way they can be pregnant unless they are at least 3-4 inches in length, is that true?
augusta, ga USA - Sun, June 16, 2002

We have set up a small 5 gallon cold water tank for goldfish. The water keeps getting green and growing a green slime on the sides of the tank. We have a filter on the back of the tank and an air pump with air bubbles. Is there anything like an algee eater that can clean the tank? What other tings can we do?
jmfredrick <>
port orchard, wa USA - Mon, June 17, 2002

I recently bought a 75gallon tank, in addition to my 20gallon salt water tank. For a while I've only had 5 swordfish in the bigger tank, which is the same I fave in my 20gallon. Amazing I have found that the ones in the 275 gallon are grow to be larger than those in the 20. What could account for this??
ellagold <>
Bothell, WA USA - Tue, June 18, 2002

hi i am a proud fish owner and just recieved the gft of baby plecostomas catfish is there anything i should know about the young ones and what is there normal survival rate? can anyopne help any hints at all this is the first time i know of any plecs to breed sucsesfully and we diddnt even try lol
criz <>
bedford, uk - Wed, June 19, 2002

HELP, my roommate has a fish tank but he doesnt take care of it to well. We have 2 Oscars 1-Red, 1-Tiger both are approx 7mths old and we also have a Placo about the same age. Recently I have noticed that at the bottom of our tank there seems to be these little white "flea-like" things crawling around on the floor. When my roommate feeds the fish he drops a bunch of food in there then just leaves. The uneaten food sinks to the floor and dissolves. And thats when the (I call them) "water fleas" come out. There are so many of them it seems like it cant be good for the tank almost like a hostile takeover. Anyways my roommate believes these things are bacteria and belong in the tank, I however on the other hand dont think they belong in there. Can you help me and trying to get this problem resolved. Thanks
Jacksonville, FL USA - Wed, June 19, 2002

Hello, I was wondering if it is possible for a platy to give birth over the course of several days. I have a platy who was or still is pregant, while doing a water change she started to give birth, I only noticed one little frye at the time, But she still looked very pregant. Than about a week later I noticed a few more babies in the tank, and yet the female platy still continued to look pregant. Is this normal?? I do realize that the other fish in the tank have probably eaten most of the babies, but why does the platy continue to always look pregant. I have 2 plates, 3 mollies and one alge eater and live plants. Thanks Amy
Amy <>
Tannersville , NY USA - Wed, June 19, 2002

My tiger barb is turning green! Whats wrong with him?
New York , NY USA - Fri, June 21, 2002

Can you please tell me when a plecostamus quits reproducing? I got one (and only one) last September and to date, she has had over 1000 little ones...
Leeb <>
USA - Sat, June 22, 2002

Hi. My friend has two albino catfish in her koi pond. They were a few inches long and snow white before winter, but now they're quite yellow. Can anyone offer some possible explanation(s) for this condition? They seem very healthy otherwise, just yellow. Thanks!
deedee <>
il USA - Sat, June 22, 2002

Possibly the type of food the catfish are eating <>>><

I am new at this hobby and have just purchased a 20 gal tank. So far I've stocked it with two tiger barbs, a red tailed shark, and three other fish. The only problem is that I do not know what the other fish are. I wasn't really concerned with the type when I bought them. I just asked a petshop employee if they would do well together and he told me that I should have no problems. Now I want to know what the other three fish are so I can research them to get more fish. One of the unknown fishes looks almost exactly similar to a black skirt tetra. The only difference is that his tail and rear fins are much larger. Another of the unknown fishes is exactly the same as the first unknown with the only difference being that he is all white and his fins and tail are clear. The third unknown is built like a tank. He is long but solid. His coloring is speckled black with what appears to be some clear in between. His mouth is located at the top of his head which I believe is for surface feeding. If anyone has any idea what these three remaining fish might be please help me out!!!
Topeka, KS USA - Sun, June 23, 2002

If someone has a clue, please email nick <>>><

I added a Black Moor to my tank that has several goldfish and platys in it. They have been fine for several months. Recently the other fish have begun chasing and nipping at the Black Moor to the point has fins have been damaged. I have moved him to a seperate tank. Any idea why this happened? Can the Moor be saved and can he go back into the larger tank? Thanks
IA USA - Sun, June 23, 2002

Fish change behavior as they mature and grow. Once they become aggressive, they rarely go back to getting along <>>><

I just bought a Red Eared Slider Turtle. I have a so so idea on how I am suppose to keep it but, it seems like it dosen't want to eat. What is a good source of food for my hard shelled friend?
Ryan <>
Pearl City, HI USA - Tue, June 25, 2002

Pet stores carry commercial Turtle food. That's what we feed our pets. One of my friends feeds their turtle dog food. <>>><

I have a 1 gallon tank. First I used distilled water and the tank became cloudy. Then I used Alhambra drinking water and all my fish died within a week. What am I doing wrong?
Dawn <>
CA USA - Wed, June 26, 2002

How many fish did you have in the tank? A one gallon tank can only support about two fish. Make sure if you're using bottled water that it doesn't contain any extra minerals.<>>><

WOuld a lone beta fish survive in an outdoor water pond with several goldfish?.
Kenny <>
Asheville, NC USA - Wed, June 26, 2002

It would have a hard time competing for food. Goldfish are rabid eaters and the beta won't find the food unless you put it right under his nose. I have heard of betas being kept in outdoor pools, but by themselves, not with goldfish. <>>><

What fish get along with Neon Tetras?
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA - Thu, June 27, 2002

Other neon tetras <>>><

I have had a lot of trouble finding information about keeping and caring for crayfish. I recently got 5 and 4 have already died. The last 2 lived far beyond the others and I thought I was finally taking proper care of them when one died. I now have just the one left and would appreciate any information you have about keeping and caring for crayfish. My crayfish is currently in a 12 gallon tank and I am feeding it brine shrimp pellets. Thanking you in advace. - Michael
Michael <>
Livermore, Ca. USA - Fri, June 28, 2002
A 12 gallon tank will only support one or two crayfish. Any more and they will kill each other off. You can feed them pieces of raw fish, regular fish food, chicken, boiled lettuce. Crayfish need hiding places otherwise when they moult they will be eaten. We give ours coconut shell halves (after they have been cleaned and boiled) and pieces of clay pots to hide under. We have successfully kept five crayfish in a 35 gallon tank as it had lots of plants and hiding places. Otherwise, you end up with one crayfish--the survivor. They are hardy creatures but prone to climbing out of the tank and thereby committing suicide. Make sure there are no air tubes that the crayfish can climb on in the tank. Good luck, Marisa <>>><

My tank water keeps getting brown and cloudy. I'm not sure how to correct this. I have a 55 gallon freshwater tank, no plants (maybe that is my problem) one baby African frog, a loach, a giant goldfish and four other small fish (which I cannot recall exactly what they are, just added last week). I had a friend test the ph, she told me it was fine. We have two filters running constantly. I really should have my significant other writing this, because he knows all the details. Regardless I thought you may be able to give me suggestions on the little info I provided.
PA USA - Sat, June 29, 2002

I just got a male beta and he won't eat. He just swims right by it. I don't know if he just isn't hungry or if something else is wrong.
St. Marys, PA USA - Sun, June 30, 2002

How can you tell how many gallons of water are in a fish tank? I know there is away to do this. At one time I did know how, but I have not had a fish tank up and running in over five years. Thanks Saltwaterm
Heath, TX USA - Mon, July 1, 2002

Depends on the size of the fish tank :)

I have fish in my tank and the glass has like white stuff on it. What do I do and what is it. I just got the fish
USA - Tue, July 2, 2002

We just bought a 3 gallon Eclipse tank. What is the best type of fish, that is easy to take care of, to put in this type of tank? The pet store suggested goldfish, but I am concerned the tank may be too small for all the waste a goldfish produces. Thanks in advance for your answer!
Petersburg, VA USA - Sun, July 7, 2002

Quite right, goldfish are not suitable for a 3 gallon tank. Small fish such as neons, glass fish, tetras, platies, mollies are better suited for your Eclipse. <>>><

I just bought a 20 gal tank and I want to make it a salt water tank. I heard it is easy to kill salt water fish and I am very knew to this... Is there any pointers you can give me.Please
San Diego, CA USA - Tue, July 9, 2002

I don't recommend trying to start a salt water tank with a 20 gallon tank. The tank is too small and won't tolerate any mistakes made by a beginning marine aquarium hobbyist. <>>><

I have a 20 gallon tank and my ph seems to ba a problem. I got my tank set up totally new after my old fish died of old age. I got new everthing because I wanted to get a different kind of fish and I wanted to do this right. well the ph seems to be the perfict area for the Mollies and the Goldfish but I don't want them. I tried adding that perfict Ph 7 stuff and it didn't work, then I tried adding that Ph down stuff, but it still shows around 7.8. Is my Wisper filter the cause of all my greif, or is my water situation hopeless? Help me please.
USA - Thu, July 18, 2002

What is the specific gravity for a salt water tank?
Billy & Allen <>
Stowe, PA USA - Fri, July 19, 2002

1.2 <>>><

Is there a humane way to terminate a plecostomas? Mine is acting really bad and he is definetely starving himself to death. I can't stand watching this, it's really sad Tracey
tracey <>
olmsted falls, oh USA - Sun, July 21, 2002

Put the fish in a bowl of water and then into your refrigerator to cool. This is the best way to kill a dying fish humanely. <>>><

We purchased a platy fish, and she was pregnant. We didn't know that she was. How do we keep the Beta fish from eating it and what do baby platy eat?
Milford, PA USA - Sun, July 21, 2002

Put the betta or the fry in a separate tank <>>><

What type of fish can I put with angel fish to add color and movement to my aquarium, without the angelfish killing them?
Canada - Sun, July 21, 2002

Angelfish should be kept with other angelfish. They are not good community tank mates <>>><

There is quite a bit of outright misinformation on your website as well as partial or incomplete information that could cause any number of problems. Perhaps you should get something resembling a tangible education before giving advice. As a side note- "American Flag Fish" are NOT a killifish species despite some superficial resemblance... Learn what you are doing before attempting to help anyone. You do more harm than good otherwise.
Armond Tanzerian <>
USA - Mon, July 22, 2002

My advice is based upon practical experience, most of my answers are through private email and sometimes I list an answer here if I feel it is interesting to the general public. I'm not sure where you are getting your information. The American Flag Fish is in the family of cyprinodontidae and listed among killifishes and egg laying toothcarps in the Baensch Book. <>>><

Would a blacklight bulb hurt my fish tank in any way?
Ryan <>
Spotsylvania, Va USA - Mon, July 22, 2002

Don't know -- I have used red light bulbs to spy on noctural fish but never black light bulbs <>>><

hi! i would like to know what kind of fish (and how many) i can put in a 10 gallon tank. please put it in list form.Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Travis <>
USA - Mon, July 22, 2002

I want to get a 5 gallon aquarium, but I don't know what kind of fish I can put in it?
USA - Tue, July 16, 2002

The general rule of thumb is one inch of fish per gallon. You need to consider what type of fish you desire to have and then find out if they are compatible. <>>><

I bought a 5 gallon "system" that included a Power Filter (the kind with the little waterfall). Does my tank need addition aeration, or does the Power Filter handle both jobs.
Kelly <>
NM USA - Sat, August 3, 2002

No, your "waterfall" filter should be adequate aeration, just leave a little space so that the waterfall has a drop when it flows into the tank <>>><

We have a salt water tank and we are getting a burgundy (dark red) algae growing on our rocks and some on the sand on the bottom. All of our chemical levels are this something serious????.....please help us
Billy & Allen <>
Stowe, PA USA - Mon, August 5, 2002
Check out the above site and see if this is what you are experiencing.

I have a question for anyone that knows anything about frogs. I have an albino frog in a 72 gallon tank with some other fish we have had it for about 6 monthes and tonite i saw some film like substance hanging from its body and it seems very lazy for some reason i have never seen anything like this and i dont know why it is happening but it has grown so big and is so fun to watch i dont want to lose him!!! I really hope someone can HELP me and the frog QUICK!!!!! thank you
Jodi <>
USA - Mon, August 5, 2002

Sounds like your frog is shedding. It's not serious, but looks strange <>>><

HI I have been keeping a 30 gallon tank for about 7 months. In this tank was a moonlight gourami, A polypterus eel, A Male Kribensis, and a Green Severum, The Kribensis was always a bit aggressive about owning the bottom of the tank but all of the fish get along fairly well. I realize that some of these fish get large and I will Have to upgrade the tank but for now they are juveniles. Anyway, I bought a jeweled cichlid today which the aquarium shop owner said was fairly docile for a cichlid. As soon as I put him in the tank the strangest thing happened. The Moonlight began attacking him! He would occasionally try to get away from the conflict but when pursued by the gourami he turn around and fought....Then the Krib got in on it....Now I had an all out brawl on my hands and no fish were trying to run they were all chasing each other in tight circles and occasionally pinning each other to the gravel. So I put some food in the tank and turned out the lights. Will these fish let up or is somebody going to end up dead? Please help, I don't like dead fish...Thanks
Michael Foote <>
Middleway, WV USA - Tue, August 6, 2002
Obviously, you upset the balance of territory in your tank. I highly recommend removing your jeweled cichlid. <>>><

ENGLAND - Wed, August 7, 2002

Maybe a local community centre or a retirement home? <>>><

I have a 10 gallon and a 55 gallon tank and they seem to be getting Calcium build up on te sides and inside. What can i used to take the calcium off the tanks and that it wont harm the fish
Chad James <>
Shoemakersville, PA USA - Wed, August 7, 2002

A good quality nonsoap plastic scrubby and elbow grease. Without the fish, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and salt mixes sometimes help. <>>><

I'm getting tired of waiting for my water to be conditioned, i heard you can just go and buy distilled water and use that without having to condition it. Can i do that?
Lauren <>
Lees Summitt, MO USA - Thu, August 15, 2002

Yes, I have used distilled water in the past without mishap <>>><

I have a lilly plant with a siemese fighting fish in the bottom, there are tiny white worms in the water. what are they? what do they do? I did clean the vase and rocks and the plants roots, the roots are in a huge clump intertwined together, how else can i get rid of them? can they hurt me or the fish?
Erin <>
denver, co USA - Fri, August 16, 2002

Harmless, don't worry <>>><

I have two female mollies and they are both kind of plump, How can i tell when it is time to move them to teir net? And can i put two pregnant females in the same net at the same time to have their babies?
Maranda Castle <>
Pensacola, Fl USA - Fri, August 16, 2002

Also, if I do a complete water do I feed my algae eaters? Putting algae tabs in the tank proved unsuccessful as the mollies polish them off long before the algae eaters ever get to them...
Michelle (again) <>
USA - Tue, October 1, 2002

Try giving some boiled lettuce to your fish. <>>><

I have a 26 gallon bow front fish tank. I have 2 large marble angelfish, 2 medium blush angelfish, and 1 smallstriped angel. I also have 2 large orandas, 3 small orandas, and a black moor. This combination has been set up and doing great for almost a year, however, recently I've been reading that they aren't a good combination. Should I be worried about this even though they appear to be doing great??? Also, it seems like everytime we try to add different fish or plants(we use live plants) they get one of the run of the mill diseases(ie. ick, popeye etc.) but when we leave them alone they do great... is this caused from stress?? Thank You for any help you can provide, Lindsay
Lindsay Biggers <>
Maggie Valley, NC USA - Tue, October 1, 2002

Changing a tank's environment when it is stable and working well causes stress for the fish. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. <>>><

New to this aquarium stuff. Can I mix tropical fish with warm water fish? Have a 30 gal. tank. Would like fish that grow to 4 to 5 in. What type are hardy and fast growers? Thanks.
Fredrick <>
USA - Tue, October 1, 2002 Gouramis - they are hardy, pretty and grow to 4 to 5 inches.

How fast do koi fish grow. I'm keeping two baby koi in a small fish tank, and I would like to know how long I can have them in there for. Thanks for the help.
Daniel <>
Long Beach, CA. USA - Wed, October 2, 2002

Depends on feeding and size of the tank. The more food, the larger the tank, the faster and bigger your koi will grow. <>>><

Do Betta fish bite?
Sammy <n/a>
New York City, NY USA - Wed, October 2, 2002

Not hard enough to hurt you :)

I am wondering if i put other fish in with my betta that eat different foods if they will eat their own and not the others?

Veronica <>
Holly, CO USA - Thu, October 3, 2002

Bettas will taste any food to see if they like it <>>><

I have a platy and the stomach looks a little bigger than usual but I don't know whether it's pregnant or sick or what. I actually don't even know if it's a girl. If you could give me some info or a website where I can go to see what a pregnant platy looks like I would greatly appreciate it.
Jasper Peterson <>
Riverdale, MD USA - Thu, October 3, 2002

You can try this has some nice platy pictures. <>>><

Hi,I have a male beta in a vase,and wondering if i could put a snail in the vase?

Shelley <>
Elmira, N.Y. USA - Thu, October 3, 2002

Sure <>>><

Hi, I was wondering if a male or female betta can live in a 10 gallon tank with 2 or 3 goldfish, or if you have better suggestions on tank mates that will get along with the male or female betta PLEASE answere.
SD USA - Fri, October 4, 2002

Personally, I like platies with my bettas, but I have heard that some folks keep bettas with goldfish without harm.<>>><

Can I glue some items such as weeds and stones together and then put them in the fish tank without killing the fish????
Lisa <>
Stow, MA USA - Fri, October 4, 2002
Use aquarium sealant /silicone. <>>><

I'd like to build my own tank. how do i glue the glass or acrylic together?
Brent <>
RC, Ca USA - Fri, October 4, 2002

Use aquarium sealant up to 30 gallons. After that you need special bracing. It is not cost effective to build your own aquarium and generally not worth the effort unless you want a special size or shape.<>>><