Plecostomas (Catfish)

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We have eight fish tanks in our apartment.

1. A 40 gallon in the hallway which is a community tank filled with native everglades fish -- goldeneyed killies, american flag fish, minature sunfish, bluefins and mollies.

American Flag Fish - Native to Everglades - Killie Fish

2. A 35 gallon in bedroom with leather fern and spillover everglades fish.

3. A 10 gallon which is home to our two Art deco garter snakes

4. A 20 gallon which is home to a five foot long yellow rat snake and two little red corn snakes.
5. A 20 gallon in our living room full of amazon sword plants and corydoras that keep insisting on laying eggs and having offspring.
6. A 10 gallon tank taken over by a leather fern which is really a triffid.
7. A 10 gallon which houses "safe" fish -- minature live bearer killie fish and glass shrimp.
8. A 10 gallon where the garter snake food resides -- basically exotic jeweled cichlids caught in local rock pits. A very beautiful fish that mouth broods.

Crayfish - Crawdad - Mud Bug - Crawfish - Native to Everglades

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